Heaven's Basement - Heaven's Basement

Clad in black leather, cut-off shirts and long hair, Heaven's Basement draw on an image reminiscent of the bands we all know and love from the late 80's. Sounding like an early LA Guns in bed with Backyard Babies after sculling a bottle of modern rock, listening to this EP is like reading the first chapter of what is destined to be an epic rock n roll story. This is gritty, no-frills rock n roll and although Heaven's Basement take their image seriously it's obvious that it's the music that matters here... with just one listen assured to leave posers cowering in the corner.

The throttle is fully open from the opening number "Tear Your Heart Out" as this 5-piece deliver what can only be described as an impenetrable wall of solid rock. This 6 track journey into the dark corners of heaven includes an attempt to reclaim the guitar solo in "Executioners Day", a massive chorus in the sensational "My Graduation", before finishing off with the Skid Row-ish "Reign On My Parade".

Following recent successful appearances with Thunder and Hardcore Superstar I can only imagine the number of record company execs lining up outside their dressing room door following the show. This EP isn't glitzy... it isn;t pretty....but it's obvious that Heaven's Basement like it dirty. From start to finish the production is top notch and with a modern take on hard'n'dirty rock that has the ability to appeal to the music masses, Heaven's Basement should be looking forward to inking their signature sometime soon.

by Lindsay B.


At the recent Hardcore Superstar gig in London, I picked up Heaven's Basement's six track self titled EP. I say 'picked up', actually someone chased out after me when I said I'd review it for Glitzine and having said they couldn't do free copies, I think they had second thoughts and followed me out the door with a gratis copy - thanks man.

I don't normally pay that much attention to support acts in terms of standing around for the full set but I managed to catch most of their show and I thoroughly enjoyed what they had to offer. It wasn't groundbreaking by any means but I do remember thinking, they had some cracking riffs throughout their songs. Not quite in the way that the Wildhearts do songs within songs but something a little novel. Also I should say that they sound nothing like said band, if you really must have a comparison, I'd say they sound like Crazy Lixx a little so that isn't too bad is it?

The whole CD hasn't had much play since I got it, however…… there are a few great songs and one real cracker in the form of 'Tear Your Heart Out' which is different class in terms of songwriting to some of the other tracks. This song on its own must have been played about 30 times since I got the EP and if you want my opinion, it's worth picking the CD up for this one track alone, plus you won't be too disappointed with the others either.

The band's myspace has the song up so pop over here and at least have the courtesy to listen to the one song I just raved about. If you like that, then head over to the band's site and spend five of your hard earned British drinking vouchers on something that will stay with you a lot longer than the after taste of beer. The band are on tour throughout the UK in April and May and have a few gigs lined up in Europe during May also, well worth going to see.

by Grant W.

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