Headrush - Livin' In a Fantasy

I have only three words: Oh, My God.

I would have bet money that this was recorded sometime in the 80's and somewhere around Los Angeles. It manages to combine all the very, very best bits of that era - superb riffs, screaming guitars and a vocalist that sounds like Sebastian Bach on one of his very best days. He's got a voice that's strong enough to belt the lyrics out without losing the tune or even sound like he's trying too hard.

The production is in your face without losing clarity, and the two tracks on this single left me breathless and desperate to hear more. It's grade A, prime time party rock and I bet the band are simply awesome live. My only hope is that a major deal (which just HAS to be forthcoming on the strength of this) does not dilute the bands power and song writing ability.

But why "Oh My God" at the start of this review? This band are not from L.A and not even from anywhere in the US . Headrush are from Stoke, and that my friends, is just 20 miles from where I live so I shall be seeking them out live a.s.a.p. Buy this - NOW!


by Phil T.

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