Hate Gallery - Compassion Fatigue

How the hell this monster of an album managed to sneak under my rock n roll radar when it was released in late 2008 I'll never know.

Having previously caught the band live supporting "Hardcore Superstar" a few years ago I honestly had forgotten all about "Hate Gallery".
That is until December 2008 and the Hard Rock Hell 2 Festival, where I literally bumped into singer/bassist "Janne Jarvis" (he was playing bass with Warrior Soul) proudly proclaiming "Compassion Fatigue" as the glam/punk album event of 2008. Well, "cocky cunt" was certainly a phrase that sprang to mind at the time, but damn it if that audacious claim wasn't enough for me to go out and buy myself a copy of said album, and damn it if Janne also wasn't just bang on the button.

So believe the self-hype Glitziners!!!

Formed around 2006 in Sweden, the four-piece recorded the eleven blasts of pure adrenalin driven rock contained on "Compassion Fatigue" in early 2008 with "Terry Thomas" (The Yo-Yo's, 3 Colours Red, and Tesla). With all the work done within three days at various worldwide locations.

"Compassion Fatigue" opens with the sublime cool duo of the "The Idiots" and "Truth About You" both driven on frenzied punk rock riffs from guitarists "Petja Lepola" and "Rille Lindell" with "Janne" delivering classic lines such as "an idiom for the dumb, what a waste" with the skill and aplomb of a modern day Pied Piper (albeit one in a long leather coat with a faux fur collar).

Highlights on this album are almost impossible to pinpoint as its basically all brilliant, but for me it is on tracks like "New God" and "Shedding Skin" where the band get a chance to let the beats driven by powerhouse drummer "Freddie Kvarnebrink" breathe that little bit more, resulting in two instant classic pieces of filth under the nails rock.

Equal parts the younger and wiser cousins of "Warrior Soul", infusing punk politic into "Trent Reznor" type pop sensibilities, whilst bottling this up with the energy of early "3 Colours Red", "Compassion Fatigue" has enough raw power a light a small village …like London.

You know what? Back in the mid eighties it didn't take us punters long to work out that "Jon Thor" was lying to us all when he said his middle name was "Anger" (it was Mikl obviously), but I bet you if you checked "Janne Jarvis" passport it would most definitely have "indignant" as his middle name, and no one should ever question this.

Joking aside though "Compassion Fatigue" really is essential listening for anyone needing a fix of pure unadulterated rock n roll delivered just the way you Glitziners love it…down and fucking dirty.

5 out of 5

PS. Can I carry this over to 2009's album of the year list?

by Johnny H

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