Hardlein - Down To the Fire

Down To The Fire is Hardlein's first full release. What they give us here is good old-fashioned rock in the Dokken/Ratt style. Big riffs and big choruses are all over this CD. Whilst Down To The Fire can hardly be described as cutting edge it is certainly very enjoyable. Lonely Town has a vibe similar to both The Cult and AC/DC and Take It To The Truth continues the AC/DC style and has an anthemic chorus.

The guitar work is top notch with Chief (Hayward Embrey Jr) providing some great riffs and rhythm work. Vocalist Bobby Lee Stamper has a great set of lungs on him and can sing and scream like the best of them!

Standout tracks:
Doin' Time
The Ride
Lonely Town
Take It To The Truth

Hardlein have been around since 2005 and have toured with notable names such as White Lion, Bulletboys and Skid Row and given the quality of the tracks on offer here I can see why.

by K.T. Glitz

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