Hardcore Superstar - Bad Sneakers and a Pina Colada

HARDCORE SUPERSTAR is Sweden's most recent export, following the footsteps of BACKYARD BABIES. I never took the superstars for real until half a year ago. Why? They didn't seem like superstars to me. In fact, they seemed more like rather nice boys at the local pub. Their new album "Bad Sneakers and Pina Colada" is very good and proves me wrong.

HARDCORE SUPERSTARS has worked a lot on their image and this album contains a HIT - "Someone Special" - which is so important these days. Though some think that this song comes much closer to OASIS than MOTLEY CRUE, no one can deny that this is an excellent slice of rock.

"Bad Sneakers and Pina Colada" is a very good album. Due to their origin, many compare HARDCORE SUPERSTAR to BACKYARD BABIES. Though there are similarities, the Babies is much more punk than the superstars. Recommended.

by Andreas

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