Hardcore Superstar - Beg For It

Hardcore Superstar return with their new release "Beg For It", but it's not been a smooth ride since their last album "Dreaming In A Casket".

For the first time in their existence, the guys had to face a change in line-up. Guitarist Thomas Silver grew tired of touring and has been replaced by Vic Zino. This new force is an amazing skilled guitar player; his solos are a feast for the ears. In addition these Swedes have a good sense of humour. We are totally misled by the opening track "This Worm's For Ennio". As you may surmise, this is an instrumental in Ennio Morricone-style and it seems as if it comes straight from a western movie. But then the party begins. screaming riffs, sleazy vocals, a chorus that reminds me of 'I Want Out' (Helloween). During that title track you may well think of all kinds of other bands, but it is diverting and done well. "Shades of Grey", which is a very strong song indeed, with Iron Maiden styled guitar lead melodies mixed with good ol HCSS riffage, this song is a win situation all around. It's got some great changes and lyrics, a great upbeat rocker.

In fact it's only in the storytelling and semi-acoustic "Hope For A Normal Life" and the beginning of "Spit It Out" that they slow down pace a little. Here you really can can hear that they are excellent musicians, able to write a wide range of well crafted and heartfelt songs.

Hardcore Superstar already grabbed the worlds attention as part of the scandinavian sleaze invasion and now that Motley Crue tours again with success, and a new a start on a new label (Nuclear Blast) it could be a very lucrative time for the band given a little luck. This might be the ultimate chance for a further breakthrough. For the time being they have a couple of gigs as support act for Motley Crue in their planning, a great album to tour upon the back of, the future's bright, the future's Hardcore Superstar!!!!!!!!

Rating 10/10

by Barry Gennard

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