Hardcore Superstar - It's Only Rock n' Roll

At first I was a little discouragedabout bying the Gothenburg (Sweden) based Hardcore Superstars' debut album after the swedish mainstream press simply wrote them off as just another bunch of Backyard Babies wanna-bees. Sure, you can hear that this band belongs to the new swedish glam/punk scene but that is not a bad thing for god's sake! The fact that Sweden has one of the most intriguing rock scenes of today is well known and it's only natural that bands from the same scene, from the same kind of background and who is sharing the same influences has something in common sound-wise.

Anyway, after finally getting around to buy 'It's Only Rock 'n' Roll', I realised that I should never trust the the mainstream media again! This is a fuckin' great album! It took a while to understand that though since it's quite a "grower" but after giving it a good 10 listenings, or so, I came to the conclusion that this album is, according to myself anyway, one of the best rock releases of '98. There is not a bad song on the entire album. The sound of it could be described as Mötley Crüe spiked with a more raw and aggressive punk attitude - i.e. cool as hell! Also, the singer Jocke Berg's vocal input is VERY good.

It's hard to pick any highlights since all the songs are great but the opening number 'Hello/Goodbye' along with 'Send Myself To Hell', 'Rock 'n' Roll Star', 'Someone Special', 'Punk Rock Song' and 'Right Here, Right Now' sure roxxx like muthas!

The only negative aspect of 'It's Only Rock 'n' Roll' is that it lacks the definitive break-thru hit. Sure, the songs are ace an' everything but it's hard to imagine any of them climbing the charts... but then rock & roll isn't all about climbing the charts - it's about having F-U-N and freaking out, so if you're into that then you should definately purchase 'It's Only Rock 'n' Roll'! Shoot!

By K-J