Hardcore Superstar - Thank You (For Letting Us Be Ourselves)

This is the follow-up to a quite promising debut from this Swedish four-piece. The debut "Bad Sneakers and a Pina Colada" caused quite a stir a couple of years ago, featuring the breakthrough hit "Someone Special". I didn't buy their "rockstar" approach then and they are even less convincing on this new release. Maybe they should change their name to Softcore Superstars? Superstars DON'T choose modest titles such as "Thank you for letting us be ourselves" or "Mother's Love" (even though it's quite a touchy song, it doesn't quite fit with the glam/sleaze image that Hardcore Superstar are aiming at). Imagine Guns n' Roses gratefully thanking their fans for accepting them as they are ... no way! Even though it's nice to thank the fans, most people want their superstars to walk like they talk.

On to the music; while "BSAPC" was sleazy at times, "TY" has a more AOR orientated sound with a touch of old Ratt. Musically, it's a classy album with some strong songs such as "That's My Life", the single "Shame", the ballad "Summer Season's Gone", "Dear Old Fame" and "Significant Other". Hardcore Superstar deal with previous criticism toward the band in "They are not even a new Bang Tango" (Hey! What's wrong with Bang Tango!).

In summary, Hardcore Superstar have a minor identity problem but they're hoping that we let them be theirselves. I must admit that I don't buy their image but the music is really good, even though it's different from what you may expect.

by Andreas Persson

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