Hansel - Mission To Rock

FIVE DUDES BOUND BY AN OATH OF ROCK'N'ROLL... these are the words greeting any listener lucky enough to lay their hands on a copy of Hansel's debut EP 'Mission To Rock'.

This 5 piece from Newcastle, Australia have what can only be described as an interesting, but adventurous outlook on the music industry. In print terms Hansel are half Wall Street Journal and half MAD Magazine. Their image is zany enough to have been pulled from MAD Magazine, whilst the music is Wall Street Journal business all the way. It's a strange combination I know, but it works... and it delivers a flashy melodic rock sound landing somewhere in a valley between Wigwam and Dokken.

Hitting off with a sequenced parade of heavenly keys, pounding drums and ripping guitars 'Murder 101' launches four tracks of the purest melodic hair metal to surface since Crazy Lixx, and like Crazy Lixx... Hansel are in the here and now.

The title track 'Mission To Rock', laden with attitude driven vocals, is as catchy as hell and sure to be a killer track live in either a stadium or dark, secluded club. Rounding off with the equally rocking 'Shot Down For Love' and slightly cheesy 'Wild Cat', Hansel have delivered a last minute contender for new artist of the year. The production is great, and the disc contains the tracks to match. It begs only 1 question... where have these guys been hiding?

by Lindsay Buloch

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