11th Street Tales - A Tribute To Hanoi Rocks

Tribute albums are common these days. Even onehitwonders tends to get their share of tributes. Loyal fans buy everything. If there ever was a band worthy of a tributealbum, it would be Hanoi Rocks. A band which career was marked by brilliance and ended as tragic and romantic as any rocknroll legend. When drummer Razzle was killed in a caraccident, the rest of the band just couldn’t find any reason to go on. Razzle should have used a taxidriver instead of a drunk Vince Neil. Life is like tragedy.

"11th Street Tales" contains some really good efforts where the spirit of Hanoi Rocks is truly captured. But there are also moments of disgrace. Openingtrack "Taxi Driver" is covered by Bubble, I thought this song would be recorded by Backyard Babies since they’ve played it live for so many years, and they do it well. Finnish band Hundred Million Martians impressed with their contribution to the Dogs D’amour tribute. They show that manage to play Hanoi Rocks as well. There should be some Finnish bands on a Hanoi tribute. Hanoi Rocks influence on the Finnish rockscene are impossible to over estimate BUT bands such as The Helsingfors Prostitutes and the Alley Gators are simply not good enough.

Hardcore Superstar does a decent version of "Don’t you ever leave me" eventhough I think it is a bit too close to the original. American Heartbreak and Jeff Dahl are the best contributors. Highschool Hellcats have that Hanoi honky tonk. It would have been major cool if they had put their own tributesong "Saigon’s gonna Shake" on the CD instead of a cover. It rocks!

"11th Street Tales" are a pleasant promenade down the boulevard of broken dreams. Hanoi Rocks never quite made it. They never got that major break that everyone predicted. When the worlds was theirs to take, the band disintegrated due to razzle’s death. "11th street Tales" reflects pieces of that broken dream. Put it on, close your eyes and let that train of thought lead you to such marvelous places as Malibu Beach and Mystery City.