Hanoi Rocks - Twelve Shots On the Rocks

Often, when a band takes a break, they feel the need to communicate to the music world that they haven't lost touch. As a result, they release an album that sounds desperate to connect with the current market; luckily, 'Twelve Shots On the Rocks' hasn't made this mistake.

It must be mentioned that the Hanoi Rocks legacy is truly special and to expect them to reproduce that magic a second time round is a fool's errand. Regardless, Andy McCoy and Michael Monroe do an impressive job of recalling that incredible feel.

While maintaining the song writing and swagger of their past, the street level attitude and trashy abandon is somewhat absent, replaced by a maturity that was hinted at with their last album, and subsequent post-Hanoi releases. Altogether, the band is back doing the music that they love without worrying about what's currently being played. As a result, 'Twelve Shots On the Rocks' is a CD that any fan of Hanoi should enjoy.

by Lycan Davis

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