Gypsy Pistoleros - Wild, Beautiful, Damned

What a sexy little gimmick these guys have going on here. Originating from Spain, the Gypsy Pistoleros have combined the romantic elements of Spanish culture and language and niftily blended it together with their own influence of dirty rock n roll. The way God intended it to be, maybe. Ok from a distance it could sound a little odd, maybe even a little kitsch but trust me it's as instantly loveable as when you first heard the husky tones of that intoxicated rogue Tyla, and Pistoleros tattooed frontman Lee J often sounds a little like him at times too. A great deal similar to the Dogs albums 'Graveyard of empty bottles' or 'Straight' with the huge amount of glamour from the sexy vagrant look, the strength in the lyrics and the intense dynamics and ornaments contained in each melody.

The Gypsy Pistoleros both vocals and musicians alike take a hold of each song and don't let go until they're well and truly done with it, the riffs roll from beginning to end with the randomly accompanying flamenco rhythm, a rollercoaster of passion and raw rock n roll.

'Un Hombre Sin Nostro, Pistolero' is an excellent place to start listening, outstanding character, ripping vocals and a perfect theme while 'Forever is Para Siempre' has even more balls, L A Guns style with a harder rocking influence. This band and every track on this album just can't help but make you smile.

There are moments when the Spanish feel slows down and you realise that the true influence here is rock, 'Senor Mangi Acqui' again lets the dynamics take over the song and the backing vocals really make this emotional and effective. 'Una Para Todo es Bandido'! begins with a Spanish acoustic sound, and an accompanying image of an approaching gun fight! Just as you think you know where the songs going, it blasts off into a totally different direction. Not as predictable as you might think!

'Switchblade Kiss Comes Close' introduces a much stronger attitude and you notice maybe older glam and punk rock influences, a little Dolls here and a little Lords there.

The album ends with the track '1-2-3-4 Kiss Me Then I'm Damned For Sure' and stamps out the title line 'Wild, Beautiful, Damned', which is a perfect way to sum up.

by Sharron Grainger

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