Guttersluts - Screaming At Deaf Ears

Metamorphose - The Word pretty much sums up my first impression of the new Guttersluts CD. Some of you out there, might remember "Beg, Borrow & Steal" (eventhough the band doesn't want to remember it at all). After a few minutes of "Screaming at deaf Ears", I can hardly believe it's the same band (which it isn't since only vocalist Jonnie Mckayne remains from "Beg..."). The Sluts have gradually developed out of the sleazebag into a much more mature, interesting, unpredictable and fascinating incarnation.

There are pieces of moody grinding goth mixed with rock ala Guns n Roses. The Image is classy, focused on black and white. The First single "December" sounds very much like a gothic hit. I don't know how the true gothfans will react to it (after all they laughed at 69 Eyes didn't they?) but it's a strong song and also one of the strongest moments on the album.

I'm impressed by "Screaming at deaf ears". It's a huge step in an interesting direction but it may take some more time before Guttersluts have reached their musical goal. Some of their old fans may be disappointed but they will certainly win new. Read the Guttersluts Interview.

by Andreas Persson