Gutter Queens - 7" Single

The GUTTER QUEENS define themselves as a ‘New Definition of Glam Rock’ tainted with a ‘unique mix of 70’s Glam, 80’s Sleaze’ and a delightful ‘dash of Punk Rock’. Delightful being one of my own words as this first official release coats itself with slightly more than a dash of Punk Rock, it lives and breathes Punk Rock. Teenage Wasteland (Side A) hits you face on with the slap dash beat of the Old School Day Punk and to be honest, I hear a touch of The Beatles swimming along side. Jim Juvenile sure adds that distinct WHAM!!!!! of slut to the whole, making for one hell of a groove.

Get Glamed With Rock ‘n’ Roll (Side B) takes you on a ride you’re not gonna forget for a long, long time to come. For those who thought The Donnas strolled close to the style of The Ramones, the Gutter Queens prey on their bodily parts. Yeah, I agree with past reviewers liking them to the New York Dolls and Hanoi but there’s something more, something deeper, something that says these guys would have been a huge smash on the 70’s British scene and who knows, noting the 70’s British scene is on a comeback, I divulge to those in authority ….. the worst mistake you could make is to ignore The Gutter Queens. Amen!!!!!

By Spice D Warlock

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