Guttercat & the Milkmen - 2 Track Demo

Guttercat & the Milkmen is the new project from Guttercat, formerly of Baby Strange and past members of French bands such as Pinky Babies, The Bohemians and 17 Loners. The first and most obvious thing that I thought on opening the CD was the name of the band… it's terrible! However after listening to the songs a few times I have to say the name has grown on me and kinda fits the band well.

Both songs on offer have a very bar-room rock n' roll feel to them in a similar vein to The Faces and Quireboys, indeed the band themselves cite the likes of Johnny Thunders, Rolling Stones and Dogs D'amour among their influences. The first track, "Ballad of a Drunk Man" has a fantastic chorus that's just crying out for a drunken sing-a-long with friends over. "Lonely Tears In the Dark" is the better of the 2 tracks on offer with a slight feeling of Hanoi Rocks when they're in a more melancholy mood than their usual glammed up brand of sleazy rock n' roll.

It's good to know that there are still bands out there who haven't forgotten how to write some finely crafted tunes. I can't help but picture Ron Wood whenever I listen to these songs and readers of Classic Rock magazine would lap this up. Essentially though it's hard to see these guys finding a large audience in the current musical climate, which is a damn shame because the songs are great slices of rock n' roll. I really hope they do well and am looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.


by John Baxter

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