Gunner Sgt. - The End of the Line

Gunner SGT have already got the guts of a good review in the first line. Why? Because they refuse to pander to the bandwagon jumping whims of many other young bands. The London based three piece seem to have more classic influences than the majority of up and coming acts whose sound depends on the latest haircut.

The press blurb that accompanies this CD states that the opening track is called 'Dirty Gunners'. Now, if we were talking football, I'd agree - we're not. Somebody give these PR people the acid enema they deserve - the first song is called 'Dirty Grungers' and is a heavy slab of a tune with at least a couple of cool hooks and a loutish middle section that sounds like Kory Clarke covering classic British punk. 'Rebel In Jess' houses a huge riff that sounds like The Almighty around the time of Powertrippin' and interjects flashes of melody to great effect. Final track 'Step Fall' is a brooding, heavy affair that is the weakest song on offer here, yet still threatens promise.

The vocals are a bit off at times and suffer from a muddy production but there's something raw about the band. I can see them going over well with fans of Slaves To Gravity or maybe Fightstar (not Five Star - how cool would that be?!). Ones to watch.

by Gaz E.

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