Gunfire 76 - Casualties & Tragedies

So we all know Wednesday 13 right? We all know his sound? We all know his voice? Good, this brings us nicely on to Gunfire 76.

What Wednesday 13's Gunfire 76 offer is a rock n roll Wednesday 13, or Wednesday 13-lite. This, however, is NOT a bad thing. The tracks are not quite as heavy as the traditional Wednesday 13 fare but the distinctive sound and voice are still there, only this time underpinned by a wonderfully punky, sleazy musical backdrop.

I am a big fan of Wednesday 13 and Gunfire 76's Casualties & Tragedies is one of the best things that he has done. The song writing remains strong as ever with the trademark catchy sing-a-long choruses.

I was tempted to list all the tracks as standouts but here is my pick of the bunch.

One More Reason To Hate You - just for the chorus, superb!
Nothings All I Need - wonderfully groovy riff and another catchy chorus
Back To The Gutter - chorus plus a rock n roll saxophone, nuff said!

by K.T. Glitz

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