Greg Georgeson - 100% By Volume

Greg Georgeson, who? That's what I thought too! Apparently Georgeson was in a band called Sequel and has spent the last ten years playing guitar in Tommy Tutone. 100% By Volume is Greg Georgeson's first solo release and mighty fine it is too.

Georgeson dishes up guitar based power blues rock. 100% By Volume has a real rock n roll swagger too it. It's kind of hard to say what this sounds like without putting people off. Think classic Bryan Adams after a night out with Dogs D'Amour, The Quireboys and the Georgia Satellites. Bring out the JD and savour some cool tunes.

Standout tracks:
Take It Or Leave It - very upbeat catchy riff
Too Little Too Late - reminded me of Dr. Feelgood (the band, not the Crue track!)
This Town - this track has a Dogs D'Amour swagger that reminded me of the good old days
Skaghetti - dance like a drunken loon!

by K.T. Glitz

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