Grand Design - Time Elevation

Radio friendly stadium rock is what Grand Design are all about. They have captured the spirit of bands like Europe and Def Leppard and created a melodious masterpiece. The brainchild of vocalist, and renowned producer/engineer, Pelle Saether Grand Design's debut album Time Elevation was put together with help from some of his friends.

The production is perfect (as would be expected with Saether's background) and really does bring out the wonderful quality on offer here. The sound is BIG! The song writing is fantastic and there are some really good riffs here and the melodies and vocal harmonies are a delight.

Standout tracks:
Love Will Know - a wonderful stadium style ballad
Hello Mr. Heartache - fantastic chorus
Sheik Iddup - worth it for the title alone but also a great Leppard style rocker

Grand Design had a plan, to create a band that drew on the influences of Europe, Def Leppard and the Scorpions and they have captured the best elements from all of these and Time Elevation sounds refreshingly new rather than just being a pale imitation.

by K.T. Glitz

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