Goldblade - Mutiny

If my rock n roll memory banks serve me correctly, my first stab at this reviewing lark for "Glitzine" was on a gloomy evening way back when, in some sweatbox of a venue near Wolverhampton.
That evening I was there watching Brother "John Robb" and his gang laying waste to a largely partisan "Stiff Little Fingers" crowd, and as usual coming away with all the rock n roll spoils and plaudits. My history with "Goldblade" however goes much further back to their incendiary early shows at "Newport TJ's" during the heady days of "Britpop", a scene that "Goldblade" were so crudely and wrongly at one time bandied in with.

To get "Goldblade's" fifth album "Mutiny" having grown up with them as a non-stop soundtrack to my tearaway years is almost like getting to review your best mate or your brother's band.
But for those uninitiated with the "Goldblade" yob sound, the five-piece lead by vocalist/preacher/pundit and journalist "John Robb". The band plays fierce firebrand rock n roll in a style that's long since been destroying venues far and wide on the UK punk scene.
If "Rocket From The Crypt" had a gangbang with "Cock Sparrer" in some sleazy back alley the resulting offspring would not only be freaks of nature but also bonafide members of "Goldblade".

These freaks of nature are more commonly known as "Johny Skullknuckles" and "Pete Gorgeous" on low-slung stun guitars and "Keith Curtis" and "Rob Haynes" on powder keg bass and drums respectively. Together they deliver a sledgehammer fist of 3-minute punk rock n roll tunes. From the lead tracks (and live faves) of "Jukebox Generation" and "Riot! Riot!" to "America Destroys All its Heroes" the chorus' echo loud and proud like the best hooligan terrace chants from the seventies all stuck together with the sweat and blood toiled to craft them.
Highlights? Well any song called "Beyond God and Elvis" must be brilliant right? Whilst "City of Ghosts" seamlessly melds "Link Wray" guitar with a tune that "Nicke Borg" would give one of his "Social Distortion" tattoos to be able to write these days.

The "Mutiny" officially starts on September 8th 2008 with the 13 anthems, hitting the streets via "Captain Oi", make sure you are on board it'll to be a rock n roll riot you'll want to be a part of.

"Mutiny" is an album designed to be played loud and proud after 1 or 10 bottles of "Weston's Organic Cider", and like those gigs back at the inception of "Goldblade" it really is a case of "Cheap Sweaty Fun", albeit nowadays more conducive to the "Good Ship Venus'" being played on the sixteen date October tour than "Newport TJ's".

Essential Street Punk Rock N Roll.

4.5 out of 5 (1/2 point docked for a few tracks being a bit too piratey)

by Johnny H.

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