Glyn Bailey - Songs From the Old Illawalla

This has been a difficult album to review as my dad had pinched it to listen to while he fixed his bikes (which is a great start isn't it?). I couldn't find much information about Glyn Bailey apart from he is English, which shocked me as from the title of the album I was expecting to be hitting my knee whilst shouting yehar. It's his second album and the biggest surprise is that he is 100% self released, which I found inspiring that an unsigned artist can still be very successful without a man in a suit standing behind them dictating.

Glyn Bailey has a very Paul Wellar post Jam Era with his ability to harmonise and experience with genres mixed with Lynryd Skynyrd's ability to create unbelievable catchy energetic songs that you cant get out your head all day. As for the combination of electric and acoustic guitars, the recording quality, the balance of vocals etc. it's all pretty much flawless.

I would definitely recommend buying this album if you're a fan of mellow rock and want to support a deserving British artist. I am looking forward to taking my dad to see him live as this album is bursting with an experimental energy that I am sure his live shows will reflect. This improvisation side to Glyn Bailey should definitely make it a good show.

by Stacey Hull

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