Glorious Bankrobbers - The Glorious Sound of Rock 'n' Roll

The Glorious Bankrobbers look and sound like the wasted big brothers of Hardcore Superstar who just got out of jail and wanted their instruments back because they need a gig to get some money and free beer (They once break the record in Sweden for free beers: 100 in four hours!)

They were formed in '83, split up in the mid '90's. Now reunited again and they've just released the album "The Glorious Sound of Rock' n' Roll" containing new recorded previously released and unreleased songs.

And they rock too!

Cool songs in the style of, Hanoi, Thunders, Aerosmith, LAGUNS etc. Plenty use of the cowbell, Mike Monroe style harmonica playing; nice slide guitar work; lyrics of chicks, booze, rock n' roll, boredom and alienation. You name it they got it. Hell yeah!

"Spitfire" is a great album opener. "Dynamite Sex Doze" has got that whole late 80's sunset strip vibe and sounds like the great Faster Pussycat hit that they never had. "Riding down the highway" is a nice fast rocker. "Rodeo" sounds like an unreleased track from the Aerosmith's Rocks album. "Bloodshed Twist" has got a great Rhino Bucket/Dirty Looks style riff and is definitely one of the best tracks and a great closer for a great album.

Glorious sound of rock 'n' roll indeed.


by Jaska Koivusilta

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