Glampire - Pretty Scary

There are many out there who feel that Glam in general is pretty much outdated on the grounds that we haven't really gotten past the image of Marc Bolan with a Les Paul slung down to his knees. There are also those out there who feel that Goth is less a genre based on talent and vision and more a matter of writing dull poetry about darkness and a complete obsession with PVC and Anne Rice novels.

So explain Glampire. I've never been into the electronic, dance thing so it took me a few listens. Pretty Scary, the second CD by this solo (and I MEAN solo) act, has NOT converted me to the electro-industrial thing (I'm not Axl Rose after all...), but it makes a pretty strong argument.

The first thing that hits you is Glampire's voice. At first I couldn't figure out what he was doing. I had to listen to old Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode albums (as if there were NEW ones!) to figure it out. HE WAS SINGING! YEAH! ON AN ELECTRONIC, SORT OF INDUSTRIAL ALBUM! NOT SCREAMING, NOT GROWLING, NOT RAPPING BUT SINGING! And he really sings well! Then it hit me how little guitar there is on the CD.

Three days later, after I got out of the fetal position, I put the CD back on again and found I particularly liked the song "Headspace". I mean, it reminds me of Depeche Mode (who, in my considered opinion, were the most annoying piece of pseudo-art wank since Sonic Youth) but I still liked it. Think Nine Inch Nails meets Depeche Mode meets David Bowie during the Scary Monsters sessions. Perhaps it's not an album for everyone, but it's worth a chance. I guess sometimes synth DOESN'T suck...

But I still say Depeche Mode does.

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PS - Stay tuned to Glitzine for an exclusive interview with Glampire as well as a special "sneak preview" of the upcoming 3rd release "The Heraldic Universe"

Written by Adolf Chri$t