Girls On Film - Pershore

Track listing:
01 - White-Out Baby!
02 - The Burning Of Hytton Road
03 - Matilda's Grave
04 - See Johnny
05 - The Recruiting Sergeant
06 - He-Man
07 - Kyoto, You Never Loved Me
08 - Teacher
09 - Bload. Sweat. Tears
10 - Break

Alternative boys GIRLS ON FILM deliver a punchy start with their debut album PERSHORE.

The first thing that leaps out at you is that is a LOUD album, you can't play it quietly to appreciate it.
Indie punk is how I would describe this with hard punchy rhythms, some jangly guitar, and a lyrical razor wit.

It's one of those rare gems that you just keep listening to over and over.

Standout tracks:
Matilda's Grave
Kyoto, You Never Loved Me

by K.T.Glitz

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