Ginger - Ten

01 - Sonic Shake
02 - Yeah Yeah Yeah
03 - How Hard Can You Make It
04 - Mother City
05 - Any Way But Maybe
06 - Black Windows
07 - Church Of The Broken Hearted
08 - Drinking In The Daytime
09 - The Man Who Cheated Death
10 - This Is Only A Problem
11 - When She Comes
12 - I Knew You
13 - Girls Are Better Than Boys
14 - Jake
15 - No Way Out But Through (new song)
16 - This Too Will Pass (new song)

Ginger (Wildhearts) releases Ten, a 16 track best of album. Featuring songs taken from Ginger’s last 10 years as a solo artist, including material from the SilverGinger 5 album, Black Leather Mojo, and the Valor Del Corazon, Yoni and Market Harbour albums and two shiny brand spanking new tracks!

Sadly nothing features from the quirky Clam Abuse album or the blistering Super Shit 666 Ep, and even more criminal is the overlooking of the tracks released via the ill fated singles club (later released as the album, A Break In The Weather.

Now the problems with compilations, and especially so called best of albums is that you are never going to agree 100% with the chosen track listing and this album is no different.

I dont Understand how you could overlook tracks like Smile In Denial, Shatterproof, Where Did Everyone Go, The Saga Of Me And You, Reinventing The Wheel, Dont Let Me Die Lonely, Monkey Zoo, Inside Out, Unlucky In Love, Bulb, and the amazing Awareness and Great Integrity, but hey, they selected what they selected, and to be fair, Ginger is one of the best and most prolific songwriters to emerge from the UK in the past 20 years or so, so narrowing down a track list to just 14 tracks must have been a complete nightmare lol.

The two new songs have that kind of laid back feel, and follow on well from Gingers last solo album the mighty Market Harbour.

Despite my personal gripes over the track listing, Ten is still one hell of an album and a great introduction to the songwriting genious that is Ginger.

by Barry Gennard

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