Gilby Clarke - Rubber

Gilby's 3rd solo release opens up with the almost mellowish "Kilroy Was Here" and pretty much sets the tone. You could sort of see this coming based on the difference between his brilliant solo debut "Pawnshop Guitars" and the equally cool "The Hangover" : "Pawnshop Guitars" was scattered & diverse but hard rocking wheras "The Hangover" is a lot poppier if a little bit homo- geonouse.

True to form, Gilby has great taste in cover songs, rivaled only by Michael Monroe. The cover of the New York Dolls "Trash" is very cool. The other cover, Janis Joplin's signature song "Mercedes Benz" seems a little too sincear - the song's SUPPOSED to be sarcastic, but Gilby makes it seem a little too hearfelt. You can tell he's in his let's-worship-at-the-altar-of-a-fallen-rock & roll-icon" mode.

And don't expect a "Cure Me, Or Kill Me" out of this. The closest he gets to rocking REALLY hard is "The Hell's Angels" and "Saturday Disaster". On the other hand, his subtler approach isn't lost on me. "Superstar" sports the chorus : "Superstar, It's so hard to hang with you/Superstar, no one loves you like you do" A very cool line but come on, Gilby! You were kicked out of Guns 'n Roses and they don't really even exist anymore! Besides, you never griped about Kill For Thrills or Candy this much.

Let it go!

By Adolf Chri$t