Gilby Clarke - 99 Live

I guess this is the end of Gilby Clarke's one man mission to save Rock & Roll, seeing as he's called off his solo career.  Too bad.  Gilby has always been one of the best songwriters of the genre.  From his early pop outfit Candy through Kill For Thrills and his three previous solo albums, he's always been one of the premier demonstations of the school of the morally casual cool.   The live band on this album is pretty interesting in that it's comprised entirely of guys who the "Megafame" eluded, just like Gilby!  There's Gilby, who briefly replaced Izzy Stradlin' in Guns 'N' Roses.  There's Tracii Guns from L.A. Guns, who was a founding member of G'N'R before they got big.  There's Eric Singer who was in KISS for one album and Stefan Adika who was in L.A. Guns for about five minutes.  So it's like the coolest bar band ever!

The track list is very cool too.  It covers most of Gilby's best solo moments ("Tijuana Jail", "Cure Me...Or Kill Me")  as well as a couple of surprises (like the classic Kill For Thrills track "Motorcycle Cowboys" and the song he wrote for Slash's Snakepit "Monkey Chow") and the jam at the end is one of the few cool ones.  (Normally I hide under my bed upon first sign of a drum solo, but this one's short.) One star gets taken off for because they could have put in a few more surprise tracks.  Kill For Thrills has better songs than "Motorcycle Cowboys".  "Paisley Killers" maybe?  How about "Something For The Suffering"?  Or "I Wanna Be Your Kill".  As well,  "Kilroy Was Here" just don't translate as well without the Mellotron.  But what the fuck!This beats the hell out of a Korn CD any day!

By Adolf

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