Giants Fall - 3 Track Promo

Give me a reunited hair metal act from the eighties to review and I'm doing a victory dance like the dude who won the luge gold medal at the Winter Olympics. Swedish sleaze rockers? I'm your man. Bright and breezy power pop? Bring it on. Embarrassingly bad traditional heavy metal? Any excuse to take the piss. But give me a young band with their skidmarked underpants - I really do hope that they've simply sat on a Snickers - showing and part singing, part screaming vocals and I'm as confused as a bird hitting a window. Still, I am the most liberal of reviewers and, unlike some writers on sites like this, refuse to give a bad review to a band purely because I don't appreciate or fully understand the scene that they are a part of.

Giants Fall hail from South London and were formed following the disbanding of previous outfit Breakneck, who had toured with the likes of Gallows and Dog Eat Dog. This three track promo features the songs 'Vacate The Building', 'Paper Cups & String' and 'I Revive' and is as good as any other British band that I have heard producing a similar noise. Similarity, however, is a curse that haunts hundreds of bands and every scene. Every band needs a spark of ingenuity or a thunder crash of singularity to make them rise above and beyond a crowded scene. Image used to be all it took - ugly bands could play like whirlwinds but never stood a chance. Nowadays, when dressing down is the new dressing up, bands need something else.

Musically, I hear The Used and Alexisonfire fused with a Killswitch Engage style heaviness. All very well produced too. In fact, frontman Ashley works at a recording studio that'll cost you £180 per day - very reasonable. There ya go, a free advert too!

I apologise to all concerned for a review that reads like I am an old, out of tune bastard. I am, in fact, thirty seven - the exact number of dicks sucked by Dante's girlfriend. In a row?

by Gaz E.

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