Geoff Western's: Vidiots - Tune In!

With the echoing cry of 'Wake Up!!' before the opening track, you know you're in for another rude jaunt of retro Power Pop. Geoff Western's 'Vidiots-Tune IN!!' is the follow-up to 'The Pigs-OINK!'. Once again his unashamed clamor of synths and cheeky catchy rhythm is forced upon us, thrusting geek chic into full throttle. No space for the lethargic here I'm afraid! A remarkable mix has once again been accomplished. Familiar 80s synths and forceful rhythms are once again present, catchy swings and hooks taking over with lustrous production throughout. The sleek blend of keyboards, guitars, vocal harmonies and driving kicks achieve his trademark retro sound with splattering of contemporary quips.

'Don't Stop The Kiss' is another superior disco anthem. This would fit comfy in place on a sleazy pop dancefloor. 'Together' is a deeply dark catchy tune, laid heavy with doomy bass haunts, it's another of the album's multiple focal points. The infectious beats and delightful tones are prevalent here and throughout much of the album. Individual song writing talent combined with quaint multi-instrumentalism display the array of diverse musicianship

'She's So Young' is a slow lovey-dovey number. This along with 'Searching For Love' embody sweet sentiments that indicate that some of the habitual party time has been preoccupied in favour of romanticising with that special someone. Or just maybe Geoff's going soppy on us!

Fans of Geoff's earlier work will get right in. Overall 'Vidiots - Tune In' has a more haunting, assorted and melodic frame than 'The Pigs - Oink'. A greater degree of maturity blended with darker tones, subtle intricacies and tinges of romanticism. Snatch a copy and shove it down your pants. Powerpop to the fucking max kidders.

by Kiran the Killer

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