Geoff Starr Rock n' Roll Band - Don't Blame Me

The title 'Geoff Starr Rock 'n' Roll Band' conjures up a certain image in your head as to what the band should sound like, and then to be confronted by Geoff amidst leopard skin artwork, that image is sealed, or so you'd believe... but don't be mislead, because 'Don't Blame Me' is one of those CDs you get the complete opposite.

To be honest, I expected Geoff's approach to be calmer with a touch more smooth groove than that of his previous 'Sonic Boom Boys', a band renowned for its feisty punk rock attitude and leaning, alas…

Here, we have a hardcore rendition of SBB with its brashness still intact, however there's something missing and I can't quite place my finger on what. Unfortunately, whatever that missing element is, I really feel that the Geoff Starr Rock 'n' Roll Band need it to make this mix work.

Whilst GS RnR Band may not be to everyone's liking; and the fact that I feel the SBB approach was by far more suited to Geoff's vocal skills, I can definitely say you diehard hardcore punks and maybe even some of you pop punk fanatics will get your enjoyments (and pennies) worth.

One important note to be made for both myself and like minded people (which is probably far and few) is, Sonic Boom Boys were a 'live' band so perhaps the Geoff Starr Rock 'n' Roll Band are too… maybe they just need to prove their worth... only time will tell.

by Spice D. Warlock

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