Gentleman's Blues Club - Longhorn Honeymoon

The album starts off with the track "Harley Davidson Red, White and Blue", it is rock with very strong elements of blues, and it has this 80's touch over it, and I must say I like the solo, it's very nice. After that, the record took off on a bit of a calmer road, with "Slippin' away". This wasn't the only calm song on the record, we also have "Million-Mile Road", which unfortunately is the most boring song on the entire album, there's a sleepy warning on that one. "Never Say Never (edge of a heartbreak)" is a nice love ballad with a good solo; easy but good, and the best is track 9, "Long Gone" this speeds up quite nicely, and it's very nice to listen to, I was impressed.

The biggest dislike I had about this album was how they had arranged the songs, well, not the songs themselves, but in the order they are on the album, the absolute biggest mistake they did was putting "You Must Survive" after "Million-Mile Road". "You Must Survive is a okay, but not fast enough to give itself justice after "Million-Mile Road", because after that one you are in need of something fast to wake you up, and "You Must Survive" just isn't the song to do that. But if we look away from the little sleepy parts of the album, this is a great record.

Rating: 7.5/10

by Johanna Salo

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