Galore - Parader

Parader is actually a 2002 release from Canadian band Galore and offers up some really rockin' songs straight from the off, and with quite a mixture of styles, you could be forgiven for thinking you were listening to several 70's bands.

Influences such as the New York Dolls, the Stones and T.Rex are more than apparent throughout the ten tracks on this album, which has some really strong guitar hooks, melodic harmonies and a mixed pace of up tempo bar room numbers and slower offerings.

For me, the main highlight is the first half of the CD. It's more up beat with songs like 'Little Hit Parader' and 'Pocket Rocket', which then makes way for some slower numbers towards the latter part, where the obligatory keyboards and Hammond organ prevail. It has a raw 70's hand-clappy appeal throughout and is well produced with solid performances all round.
I've always liked bands who have well worked harmonies and this is right up my street, so if you fancy a throwback to some retro rock n' roll sounds, pick up a copy of Parader, it won't disappoint.

by Grant W.

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