Gallows - Staring At the Rude Bois (Single)

Originally recorded and released in 1980 on 7" single, by UK punk rock stalwart "The Ruts" as Staring At The Rude Boys.

This take on "Malcolm Owens" groundbreaking mix of ska/punk and Oi sees Watford's "Gallows" rock old school style. Think less "Black Flag" and more the sound of a pissed off teenager with fuck all to do except make music, on a drizzly Friday afternoon at the local Community Centre somewhere in the UK. Get the picture?

The grit, grime and swagger of "Gallows" delivery is one that stays very close to the original albeit with sublime twists added in the shape of some new lyrics from "Frank Carter" and a guest vocal from rapper and now fully ledged Gallows fan "Mr Lethal B".

This eclectic meeting of musical styles was apparently dragged into being way back in March 2007 via a chance meeting between Gallows and Lethal B at this year's SWXW in Texas.

Well whoever conceived this bastard of an idea for a musical mash up should be knighted for services to music… Immediately.

"Staring At The Rude Bois" is released on 19th November on CD and good old 7"x2 and is backed by a plethora of exclusive B Sides.

Buy this, and give the boys (and the sadly very ill "Ruts" guitarist Paul Fox) some much-needed recognition for a job very well done.

Now repeat after me "Never Surrender, Never Surrender".

by Johnny H.

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