Gallows - Orchestra of Wolves

If I were hearing this album for the first time today, I think that the general media frenzy and who-ha surrounding this band right now might have clouded my initial judgements. With so many column inches given up to "Gallows" being hailed as the new messiahs of UK punk you would have to be a bit sceptical. Especially given the amount of dross we have been previously fed as the UK's leading lights, anyone remember "Grand Theft Audio"?

Thankfully I've lived with this debut album from the UK's finest punk/hardcore upstarts for over nine months now, and more importantly I've also witnessed them in their purest and truest environment, live on stage. So I know it's no case of (punk) emperor's new clothes when it comes to "Frank Carter" and his gang from Watford.

This reissue is a remastered twelve-track version of the original "In At The Deep End", coupled with a bonus 9 track CD of various new tracks/live sessions and a "Black Flag" cover version. All packaged up in some particularly striking sleeve artwork.

So on putting this deluxe version on my stereo, the fact that this still gives me the very same goose bumps of excitement that I got when I first heard it says so much for the depth of quality that prevails in Gallows song writing. Recent single "Abandon Ship" will now doubt have won the band a new legion of fans and their sterling performance at Download can only have further enforced the strength of the bands musical reputation. For me tracks such as "Come Friendly Bombs" and "Rolling With The Punched" simply cut "Gallows" name deep into my soul like shards of punk rock glass. These tunes are instantly fatal, yet dangerously addictive.

To fully get what "Gallows" represent you have to understand that their whole musical agenda really centres on this "Orchestra of Wolves" concept. But, I'm not going to start a lecture here about social and political comment. Lets just say I prefer to be a Wolf rather than a Sheep, and to that end I'm with "Gallows" 100%.

Look I know your probably sick of hearing me rave on about this band, but for once "believe the hype" brothers and sisters and go check out "Gallows' Orchestra of Wolves" now.

If you don't, I'll send the ginger Casanova that is "Frank Carter" round to sort you out (just don't let him buy you a drink).

5 out of 5 (for the original album)
5 out of 5 (for the bonus CD)

by Johnny H.

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