Gallows - Abandon Ship

Watford's finest punk rock upstarts have had a superb start to 2007. Having seemingly excited the major record company stiffs to the point of premature hardcore ejaculation to get their signatures (eventually signing to Warner Bros and Epitaph). They are now about to set their sights on conquering the US via the Vans Warped marathon series of shows.

But before they set off to the US, "Gallows" are thankfully playing some selected UK headline dates in early June, of which all nine are almost sold out.

"Gallows" are also about to unleash a remixed version of "Abandon Ship" on May 28th via the web and June 4th via the shops, before "Orchestra of Wolves" gets a full 2CD and vinyl re-release on June 11th.

Listening to "Abandon Ship" in isolation and with the swearing cut out, it still sounds 500 times better than any of the emo / screamcore bollocks that most kids seem to listen to these days.
"Gallows" take on punk rock hails from an era that saw "Black Flag" "Minor Threat" and "DRI" as a guiding light, and as such the guys in the band really fucking mean what they play. Unlike say the poster boys of "Kerrang", I can assure you that there is no case of image over substance within "Gallows" repertoire.

What has really hooked me with "Gallows" are the series of musical reference points within their songs that take you down unusual and adventurous alleyways before they eventually turn on you with a size ten kick in the bollocks via the gargantuan hook lines they inevitably contain.

Not a million miles away style wise from the awesome US Punk garage rock of "The Bronx", UK hardcore villains "Gallows" look set to deliver a "Joe Calzaghe" style victory when they hit the US.

For now lets just enjoy "Abandon Ship" for all its inane profanity. This really is glorious stuff.

by Johnny H.

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