Furyon - 3 Track EP

Furyon are a 5-piece hard rock/alternative/modern rock band from Brighton. This is a 3-track sampler EP taken from their forthcoming album 'Gravitas'.
The tracks included are 'Disappear Again', 'Don't Follow' and 'Wasted On You'.

From what I am hearing here I am really looking forward to the albums release. The band bring together all the elements of 30 years of rock music and deliver a truly contemporary sound similar to the likes of Nickelback and Shinedown, yet never sounding like clones, and they have some truly amazing guitar breaks in their songs!
The songs are very strong; they have a very radio friendly edge and this should bring the band the kind of success that has recently been enjoyed by the likes of Shinedown etc.

Very highly recommended!

Rating 10/10

by Barry Gennard

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