FuoriUso - Black Signs

If like myself, your idea of Italian men is 'tanned, smooth and extremely romantic' then you might be somewhat shocked to hear that Fuori Uso are actually full blooded Italian men. That's not to say that on a sunlit day you may find them serenading a Bello Signora down the canal on a gondola, but it's a sight they may deny to the death.

Fuori Uso are certainly full of darkness and beaming with sexuality but it is to what depth you might worry. There's little romance in their lyrics, they're generally more forthright and assertive… Men who know what they want and aren't afraid to sing about it.

The album unfortunately begins with a rather dull crackling gramophone style intro but then delves into a fast thrash type guitar and drum overload. Vocalist Holly provides a full onslaught throughout, with a rasp, pleasingly similar to Michael Monroe, which fazes in and out during most songs. The whole style seems to be borne from the bands that emerged after the initial shock of Motley Crue and WASP, blending components of bands such as Cinderella, Ratt and LAGUNS. The only unsettling thing about this album is the abrasiveness of the lyrics. The vocals and music blend together magnetically, and there is no doubt that any listener would get many a pleasant nostalgic moment. Musically 'Sexy Teens' is a thunderous metal anthem, if that is, you don't take the lyrics too seriously. The final track is a piano and keyboard accompanied version of 'Sexy Teens' and is disturbingly more effective than the first, a piano ballad about having sexy dreams about sexy teens, well!

'Danger in the City' could easily be the soundtrack to an old 80's cop movie, while the bands cover of the Sex Pistols track 'Liar' leaves you disorientated. It's as though the band have taken on a whole new persona. It's dark and seriously sexy. From out of nowhere they have turned from one genre to another, blending the sinister style of Bauhaus with a modern digital sound. These Italian stallions are no one trick pony.

by Sharron Grainger

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