Full Scream Ahead - We Write Our Own Anthems

Formed in 2008, Full Scream Ahead have done well to secure their emotive sound and get it on disc in such a short space of time. Ambitious but accurately titled "We Write Our Own Anthems" comes across simply as the soundtrack to the teen movie of the year. 'Heart Still Beating' is simply stunning, really sending shivers down the spine.
You can hear a little bit of My Chemical Romance, Minus The Bear and The Academy Is within Full Scream Ahead's sound which is good as it should help appeal the fans of these bands and help expand their fan base quickly.

It's only a six track mini album but every song hits the mark, I'm absolutely loving 'Heart Still Beating' and 'As Good As It Gets', while 'Rio' offers a slightly mellower feel even if the tempo doesn't really drop.

A good debut release from a young band that's only been around a short while.

Rating 9/10

by Barry Gennard

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