Full Breach Kicks - Sampler Volume 2

This is possibly one of the strangest CD's I've ever been asked to review, as you can't actually buy this anywhere in the world.

This label sampler CD actually comes free of charge, gratis, when you buy anything from "Full Breach Kicks 77", a punk/sleaze/rock n roll music and clothing company that yours truly just happens to think is the dogs conker bag.

I've been buying stuff from these guys for a while now, but for those of you who are unacquainted, "Full Breach Kicks" is the label we have all been singing the praises of on "Glitzinet" for finally getting "Soho Roses" stuff out on CD. Think about what made you first love the sound of low-slung guitar Rock N Roll and you will find it in everyone of this labels bands.

So of the 14 tracks on offer here you get the aforementioned "Soho Roses" and "The Joneses" as the more established names taking a cut each from their recent reissue CDs whilst the rest is made up largely of new tracks from the likes of "Rock N Roll Stormtroopers", "The Sick Fits", "Dimestore Halos", "Kevin K" and "Street Brats".

Every track on here is designed to be an ideal taster for the rest of Full Breach Kicks roster of bands and with the exception of one or two tracks (that I will not name) I'd honestly buy most of them on the strength of the stuff on offer here. My personal faves however, if I had to single one name out, are most probably "Street Brats".

The sampler also acts as introduction to the label's "Ramones" tribute album "Sedated Just Like You" due later in 2007, with "Apocalypse Babys", "The Jabbs" and "The Black Beauties" all contributing songs written in the style of "da bruddas".

"Oh fuck it!!!!!" most of you will get to hear this for free anyway due to you all ordering the "Soho Roses" reissue.

For those of you who haven't………. "HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME". Or get over to www.fullbreach77.com and redeem yourselves

5 out of 5 (for commitment to the cause of glam/punk)

by Johnny H.

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