Full Blown Mosey - Temporal Cadence

Full Blown Mosey are a classic hard rock band from the state of Wyoming USA, playing that classic rock perfected by the great bands of the late 70's.
Their music is extremely tight due to having played together for so many years. Kirk Warren, Rocky Harting and Greg Scott have been together since the early 90's playing the best guitar rock around.
At times ypu can here some great AC/DC, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Sabbath influences which all stand 'Temporal Cadence' in good stead.
Some of the stand out tracks include album opener 'Mistaken', 'Fast Movin Shadow' and excellent 'Beserker' and album closer 'Now I Know'.
To be honest there's not a bad track in sight here, just great songs by a great band with crystal clear production.

'Temporal Cadence' has taken a while to make, with the death of a band member part way through recording, but eventually the band felt ready to carry on, completed the album and 'Temporal Cadence' is the result, dedicated to the memory of Dale Ortega, and is a great tribute!

This album gets stronger on each listen, I imagine it's going to be in my CD player a lot in the future, especially if I have any long road trips, which this album was simply made for, great driving music!!

Check these guys out, they could be huge!!

Rating 10/10

by Barry Gennard

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