Fuji Heavy - 4 Track Demo

Blimey, who is this band? I have to say I was not expecting such a burst of fresh and original music from a relatively unheard of band, particularly in the UK. I must admit that I was very impressed after only a few minutes of listening to this latest demo consisting of, sadly, only 3 tracks. I was especially shocked to find that this band only formed in 2003. These guys have been working hard, and have produced a fine sounding demo, even if it is only 3 tracks long. Where's the album guys?

'Fuji Heavy', consist of Ali Gavan on drums, Bryn Mabey on bass and Andy Le Gresley on lead guitar. Vocals are performed by Keith Brown, brilliantly with an unusual and gravely quality at times. An onslaught of bouncing guitar riffs and bluesy back patterns are heard on 'Face like a criminal', with plenty of toe tapping action reminding me at times of 'The Zutons', (though not half as boring). Occasionally I can sense a slight 'indie' undercurrent from this band although I would mostly describe 'Fuji Heavys'' sound as eclectic, indie rock and roll.

Favourite tracks include 'Glitterama', following a driven drum pattern and repetitive guitar riffs that will have you finger tapping all day. Followed a close second is first track 'Sunburn', combining catchy guitar riffs with a vast array of technological wonders. Synths and guitar experimentation are heard throughout this short piece of art to great effect.

Definitely a well recommended band to listen out for, and a fantastic website as well might I add. I eagerly await an album from these New Mexico music makers.

by Lauren May

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