Freewheeler - 2nd Demo (3 Track)

The London-based foursome known as Freewheeler are back with another dose of high energy, blues infused rock n' roll! "Whiskey & the Pills" picks up where the first demo left off, with the infectious riffs and whiskey soaked vocals that are becoming the bands trademark.

With the swaggering 'This Is Rock n' Roll' following the opener, it becomes evident to me that the background vocals have gotten stronger this time around, strengthening the overall sound. The demo concludes with the sub par 'Man Not a Woman'. This is not a bad song, but by comparison, it misses the mark. It reminds me of the Rolling Stones, who I am not a huge fan of, perhaps influencing my thought somewhat.

Ultimately, between this demo and the previous offering, I do know that once Freewheeler releases a full length CD, it will rarely leave my stereo, as once again, I cannot wait to hear more. Make sure you check out the sound bytes of the opening two tracks on this demo.

by Dan Earley

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