Freewheeler - 3 Track Demo

Freewheeler are a hot new band from London, made up of three energetic dudes and a female bassist, who manages to lay down a nice groove lending these rockers an almost danceable feel.

Their sound is hard to describe, but I do hear hints of D-Generation, The Wildhearts, Dogs D'amour, Hanoi Rocks and Bang Tango within these tunes. They take the best aspects of each and combine them, generating excellent songs.

'Sweet Liberty' ... a "rocker" resembling D-Generation; 'Last Vacation' ... mid-tempo and reminiscent of the Wildhearts and 'Cold Affection' ... a slower song but not a ballad, I definitely hear similarities to Bang Tango at times.

I can picture this bands energy, swagger and attitude on stage in a jam-packed, smoke filled bar; legs apart, guitars slung low and sneers on their faces as they sing the anthemy, sing along choruses of these great songs. I would recommend this band to any fans of the aforementioned bands. Don't forget to check them out (link to the right).

by Dan Earley

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