Freefall Felix - Promo EP

Music to skank your arse to. Endearing Leicester ska pop-punk boys attempt to use a variety of tools to craft a mode that is brisk enough to captivate the young and inoffensive enough not to piss off the parents. Upbeat astute rhythm and melodic form is the main strength here.

"Just One Last Time" is an emblematic display of their grooviness. An exuberant rah-rah stomper. A familiar modern pop-rock ska outline is reflected here. Buffs of Less than Jake and Reel Big Fish should feel cosy. The inclusion of the brass section makes the pace jerky and busier than most.

Track 3 "Tonight's the Night" uses a smooth engaging pace, hinting at drama. I feel this little number outshines the others. An extensive track which surprisingly doesn't make one's interest wane. The genuine English accent is an intrepid move. Contrived accents stink of poo! They should write more like this.

Things are wrapped up with "Meltdown". Blaring brass, harmonic vocals and alternating segments before snoozing everything to a grinding halt. The variety is hectic but useful to keep interest. I'm not keen on the use of the 'auto-tune' vocal effect, although chart worthiness is perhaps what they are going for. Boppers of contemporary ska will be chuffed to get on this. Affection is utterly felt amongst the rampant racket. Four tracks here is an acceptable display of their handiness but a full-length release will vastly test their merits and no doubt will ensue. A live viewing would be appreciated, unless one is content to skank in the confinement of the bedroom. A revolt of revelry.

by Kiran the Killer

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