Franky Dee - If I Had a Fortune

Franky Dee delivers no-nonsense blues tinged rock/metal. The overall sound on this CD has a very LA metal crossed with Whitesnake feel to it but with a much harder edge. Fred Durst (Limp Bizkit) pops up on Sexy Dancer to provide a nice rap. The song writing is really good with some wonderful guitar work and also vocal harmonies. Although the lead vocals aren't really my cup of tea they do fit in and work well with the music. The three ballads "When You Find Someone", "I Will Remember You" and "I'll Never Stop Thinking Of You" are great. "I'll Never Stop Thinking Of You" sounds like a cross between Stiv Bator and Dogs D'Amour. Covering a Queen song is always a brave move and the version of "Tie Your Mother Down" isn't too bad at all. I never thought anybody could top the Dr & The Medics cover of "Spirit In The Sky" but Mr Dee does so very admirably.

It's strange to think that there are much worse bands out there that are signed when people like Franky Dee are unsigned. Hopefully this CD will get him into the limelight and take him on to something bigger and better.

Standout tracks:
"Sexy Dancer" - for Fred Durst goodness that blends perfectly with the vibe
"When You Find Someone" - great ballad that had me in "lighter in the air" mode
"Anyway You Want It" - great chorus
"I'll Never Stop Thinking Of You" - sleazy ballad goodness
"Spirit In The Sky" - just because I love this song!

by K.T. Glitz

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