Frankie Whyte and the Dead Idols - Hollywood Ending

You all checked out the interview with Frankie Whyte that I did for Glitzine several weeks ago, right?!? Of course you did. So, now you know all about this badass Canadian hellcat who rocks like a hurricane and rolls like a runaway freight train. To say that her indefatigable love of, and talent for, classic rock belies her twenty one years of age is an understatement of Gojira proportions. This EP - a taster for a forthcoming debut album - is available in digital form only from CD Baby and iTunes but will soon be on sale at all good online music retailers......and some bad ones! What this EP does, first and foremost, is back up the cool and instantly likeable Frankie's promise with some great songs - foot stompers the likes of which us rock soldiers grew up with and hope to grow old with. This really is a solid step up in quality from their previous EP, which was impressive in its own right.

Opening song (and title track) 'Hollywood Ending' rides along on a riff that is full on classic Kiss - none of this road manager in Space Ace make up nonsense! What follows is a three minute burst of catchy as cooties straight up rock 'n' roll. Second track 'Blackout' is a real stand out - what does big riff, big hook and big backing vocals spell? Rock epic!!! 'Home' is a real kernel of kickass - horns in the air hard rock wrapped up with a sexy "yeah yeah" refrain and riffola reminiscent of vintage Aerosmith. 'Who Your Friends Are' is another prime example of ballsy, bitchin', big rock royalty - cooler than cold Ethyl. EP closer 'Shout It Out' opens in surprisingly subtle and saccharine sweet fashion before rolling out the rock in the form of a chorus being menaced by the Godfather of all things r'n'r cool - a big, fat riff! This song has one major flaw - it's the last track! It's all over way too quickly when the last bars of this great tune fade away.

Listening to this, I'm getting the same feeling that Gene Simmons must have had when he first heard Van Halen Rage! But, of course, I have way better hair - although his cost a helluva lot more! Frankie Whyte And The Dead Idols are easily my favourite new band of 2008 and I'm sure I will not be the only person saying that this year. Pull down the shutters and batton down the hatches, brothers and sisters, because there's a Frankie Whyte riot goin' on. Awesome.

by Gaz E.

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