The Frankenstein Drag Queens From Planet 13 - Night of the Living Dragqueens

"Night of the Living Dragqueens" is the second CD from Frankenstein Dragqueens from planet 13 and the first without R.S. Saidso. It was not a happy ending and there are still different opinions on whether Saidso left or was kicked out (read more in Glitzine's forthcoming interview with Dragqueen's vocalist Wednesday 13). Anyway, The Dragqueens is stripped-down glampunk with a horrorimage. If Leatherface was a cheap prostitute, he would fit nicely in the Frankenstein Dragqueens. Crossdressing rather than conformity.

"Night of the Living Dragqueens" contains of 16 songs and a lot of samples. The Music is typical glampunk. The Horrormetal of "Scary Song", the hitpotential of "Rambo" and "I Don't wanna be your friend", the twisted "Full Metal Jackoff" and "Motel Killafornia" will make your money worth. "Night of the Living Dragqueens" is an astonishing album, filled with fast pace punk (16 songs in 36 minutes). My only criticism is that it could be a bit more varied. The Songs tend to blur into each other. Everyone into horror, drag, glam and punk (after all, who isn't?) should check out the transvestite creatures of Evil… Be Scareful

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Written by Andreas Persson