Foxy Roxx - Mixed Up World

Foxy Roxx is the sole survivor from the early nineties glamrock movement. The Underground flourished at the time with sparkling bands such as Heart Throb Mob, Big Bang Babies, Alleycat Scratch and Queenie Blast Pop. Heart Throb Mob, Big Bang Babies and Alleycat Scratch are long gone, Queenie Blast Pop is touring w/ Dokken (huh?). Foxy Roxx have survived, eventhough rumours claimed different, through the poor years and is one of few bands that still want to bring back the good times.

"Mixed Up World" is their follow up to their 1995 debut "Shake the Foundation", an album that split excellent moments with more average parts. Overall it was an impressive affair especially since tragic struck the band just a year earlier when the then lead vocalist Dennis Sinned died due to cancer (R.I.P). Drummer Tony Starlin switched to vocals and the foxes established themselves as one of the up īn coming glambands. "Mixed up World" was recorded two years ago but the foxes have put it on hold due to financial reasons. Guitarist Jerry Vayne sent me a tasty two-track tape 1,5 years ago, finally I got the opportunity listen to the complete album.

"Mixed Up World" is a budding classic among openingsong. The Brightest moment on the album. Foxy Roxx has managed to transform the eighties glamrock into the nineties. This titletrack sounds like Ramones on a bubblegum diet. "Hanging Out" was featured on Delinquent Records' "The Pink & The Black" compilation and is actually one of the weakest songs on the album (yeah, the overall quality is that high). "Never Enough", "Whiskey A GoGo", "Stay Through the Night", "Goodtime Rock nīRoll" and "Anything for you" is typical Foxy roxx īn roll, pretty similar to the sound of "Shake the Foundation".

"We believe in Rock n Roll" sings vocalist Tony Starlin. I admire you guys for keeping the faith! "Who Killed Mtv" (yeah, who is that killa! RnR died, maybe it was suicide?) is a fanfavourite from Foxy Roxx' concerts. "Bring it Back" is written by underground glamguy Shawn Lane. I have heard this song with another band but I don't remember which one (don't you just hate when that happens?).

The Album closes with two covers. A liveversion of Twisted Sister's "We're not Gonna Take It" and "Talk to Me" which was supposed to appear on a Ace Frehley tributerecord. So was this album worth waiting for? Yes! "Mixed up World" is filled with hooky catchy tasty sticky bubblegum glamrock. If you liked "Shake the Foundation", you'll love "Mixed up World". It will be very interesting to see how well this album does. Hopefully, Foxy Roxx will mix up this conform depressing world. I believe in RnR!

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