Forever Wednesday - Depths

Track listing:
01 - Rebirth
02 - Define Irony
03 - Time To Get A Real Job Mr Wolf
04 - Viruses
05 - The Deserter
06 - Days Of Youth
07 - Vanish And Vacate
08 - Spitting Bullets
09 - Is Bad-Ass One Or Two Words
10 - Let Go
11 - Navigate

Punk/hardcore band FOREVER WEDNESDAY tear it up with the release of their debut album DEPTHS

As you would expect from a band in this genre the songs are uptempo and come fast and furious. It was nice to hear that the majority of the vocals are actually sung rather than 50/50 singing/screamo.

Although short and sharp there is plenty of dynamics within the songs which make the band stand out more from their peers. The guitar playing is good with some really ace riffs and the rhythm section is solid and strong. One of the big plus points for me was the fact that DEPTHS is showered with really good hooks which really makes them very listenable.

The album is a fantastic debut and shows that the punk scene in the UK is going strong and I would expect FOREVER WEDNESDAY to go form strength to strength.

Standout tracks:
Define Irony
Days Of Youth
Is Bad-Ass One Or Two Words?

by K.T.Glitz

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