Ford T - '04 Rocks

While the bloated body of Ian Raspberry is fronting the diabolical devastation of The 21st Century Doors, the real spirit of the wolfchild has instilled, or distilled rather, at least a few sharp slugs of its once great self into one Kaspar Westeraa, and also come across Billy Duffy's old gnarled Harley in a Scandinavian scrapyard; and the twain have roared into a studio spitting pretty gasoline patterns and breathing ballbreaking boogie scuzz over all n' sundry.

They say their intention is to bring the Cock Rock back to the modern Rock'n'Roll scene but these guys are really more faded denims and sneakers than big poodle hair and spandex... slivers of AC/DC (final track 'Dare Me' is a cadillac careening carelessly down a canyon akin to 'Walk All Over You You' and opener 'Gypsy Caress' has Young Bros. subtle n slinky riffs galore) and Thin Lizzy (Capt Kaspar has the odd pleasing Lynott-esque vocal inflection at times) through to Circus of Power and the mother zode himself Zodiac Mindwarp. Greasy, sleazy ass teasin strutters with layers of lewd, lascivious Les Paul machine gun stutters spewing out molten metallic chunks of infectious catchy tuneage that set and form a tight seam-bursting ball of energy.

These four Danes have got the poise and swagger to suggest that with the right production behind 'em, some more amphetamine addled arrogance and deathdust detours down the American highways, a bit more loose limbed speed to accompany their already flash-fingered flights of fancy they'll be mirroring fellow Scandinavian toxic terrors Turbonegro and playing it all out on MTV rotation videos harkening back to the days of on the road (again) vids such as The Black Crowes 'Hard To Handle' and many more ad infinitum.

by Stu Gibson

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